That annoying border

Hi everyone,

For the last half year since i am not sure which update, my figma app has a 1px white border on the left and top. Here is a screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

If you have a good look, you will see that border.

Is someone facing this bug also?



Yes, Figma Desktop App has a window border. I don’t know if this is a mistake. But it is definitely not a fault of interactive components, you can change the category of the thread.

This occurs when Windows resolution scaling is turned on. I have a 4k monitor and my setup is at 150% of scale. When I scale down the white border disappears. :cry:



In the new Figma it has a white frame. Better would be black. White disturbs and distracts as a designer.

Windows 10
Figma v98.14

If you open the image then can you see the white frame better

Hi @Thomas_Hungerbuhler, see the answers above, maybe they will help you.

But I want to point out that this 1px border has another problem: Unable to click any title bar buttons with mouse at top of screen when maximized

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I have the same issue on Figma on Windows 10 and Windows 11. As @ThiagoLeonel mentioned, it happens on 150% scaling, which is the one I use on my laptop. This should be an easy fix, it’s really jarring to use Figma like this.

2560x1440 screen, 150% resolution on a 15in laptop windows 10. I’m getting the white edge only at 150% zoom, and it’s definitely annoying

Same problem

Wndows 10
4k scaled to 150% (default - recommended)
On custom 149% it goes away but 2nd monitor scaling is messed up in that case (windows 10 “feature”)

Same issue, 4K monitor and 175% Windows 10 scaling. It also prevents clicking on window controls at the top, when the cursor is at the edge. Would really appreciate getting a fix, it’s quite annoying.