Text truncation doesn't work as intended


When using the text truncation feature, I’ve noticed truncation doesn’t really work as intended, nor does it replicate the behaviour of truncation on the browser.

When truncating text on the browser, truncation is done exactly where text breaks, sometimes leaving part of a word visible and the remaining characters hidden. However, in Figma, truncation happens to the entire last word.

I my button has a label of “BUTTON NUMBER ONE” and only “BUTTON NUM” fits, truncation in the browser shows this “BUTTON NUM…”, but in Figma it would cut the entire “NUMBER” word, showing the label like this “BUTTON …”.

This behaviour is wrong and prevents me from using this feature as I want my UI to look as close to how it would in reality. At the moment I’m truncating manually, but would love to be able to use this feature.

Any plans to fix this in the near future?


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I have the same problem (I use the browser). Sometimes it truncates as supposed, sometimes it truncates complete words, making it unusable.

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