Text styles changing on their own

Hello, i started using Figma recently. I don’t have another coop designer or someone who has editing features. but it happened a few times. sometimes all text alignments change. and just now all of the text layers in the files had one px spacing. I didn’t do it and have no way of doing it. What could’ve caused it?

Hey @Sena_Menes – honestly, it’s hard to tell what’s causing this :disappointed: It sounds like this may be happening occasionally, and not constantly. I’m also assuming the text layers you’re using are referring to are instances of a component, is that incorrect?

If so, are you on the desktop app or web browser? Have you been working on both and seeing this happen on both? Is it happening on a single file, or across multiple files?

Hi. Yes it’s occassionally happening but it takes time to fix them. and they’re not part of a component or a text style either. I’m using desktop app on Mac. Text align thing happened on a different file. I shared some links with collegues but they only viewed them. Does it affect my file?

I don’t believe sharing would affect your file in this way (especially if it is just view only).

I think at this point, I’d recommend filing a bug ticket with our support team. This sounds odd to me, but it’s not clear to me if there’s something that’s buggy on our end, or if it could be fixed with some simple actions.

When you have a moment, please file a ticket here and someone will get back to you: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001744374

i will, thank you so much