Text in shapes/sticky notes should auto–adjust dynamically

As a user I want the text to auto-adjust: in this way I can write sticky notes different in length (without breaking them in height).


Would be great if we could have sticky notes that their text autosized based on the content

  • so that text maximizes its size based on the sticky size
  • the sticky remains the same size independent of the text content
  • you do not have to manually keep changing the font size of a sticky so the text fits nicely in a rectangular sticky

actually very related to


I can choose between few text sizes. However, there is no option that my texts scale (neither manually, nor automatically).

Can you show an example of what you mean by that?

It’s about text sizes in FigJam. I can only choose between 4 semantic text categories, but I cannot scale the texts.

For instance, standard text size is fine if I am working with just few contents.
Few contents

However, if my FigJam page is getting larger, I cannot read the texts.

Zoom in/out is not always an option, for example if you want to convey the big picture.

If possible, it would be great if we had the ability to select “adaptive” for the text size instead of just normal, heading, etc


This would allow stickies to have text that filles a bit better (please note the following image is from Figma / not Figjam, but its still illustrates the feature request.

Additionally, this feature would allow circle shapes to remain circular when writing larger blurbs and speed up the workflow



Or at least a size smaller? Or allow us to specify our own sizes or add to default sizes?

When typing text in a Miro sticky note, the text automatically resizes to fit the size of the sticky note. This would be a great feature for FigJam!

There is a quite a big difference in size between the text styles currently offered, which doesn’t always look great.


Would be great if we could also have standard sizes for stickies,
S - M - L … like miro has :disappear:

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If text gets too long when I’m typing within a shape, some of the text gets hidden behind an ellipses. It’d be a great enhancement if the text would dynamically resize so the full text is visible in the shape. Right now I need to manually change the text size from 32px to 30, 28, 27px, etc. until it fits just right in the shape.

Hey @Angie_Kwan,

Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve merged your feature request with an existing one to get a more accurate gauge of interest from the community. We’ll continue to pass the feedback from this thread to the FigJam team.

We have a large Miro subscription and I’m considering FigJam as a replacement. The first thing I noticed after importing an existing board from Miro was the tiny text in notes. Miro may not look so elegant when different stickies have different size text, but it is very practical. It is imperative to be able to read the text in the stickies without having to zoom in and out continuously. FigJam definitely needs an adaptive text in the notes. Preferably as an option that can be turned on by default. This is almost a deal breaker for us, and I believe for many others coming from Miro.


Came here to say the same thing. Still no update on this? I really want to like FigJam but this is a major turnoff and probably the reason I’ll stick with Miro.


Working on a project recently and found it difficult to work with stickies in FigJam.

It’s hard to organise them when they’re different lengths and it makes it hard to treat each Sticky with equal importance.

I would really like an option for text to automatically adapt to the size of the sticky.


This is really the only reason that me (and people I know) still use Miro instead of FigJam. Having to resize the text all the time is really frustrating.

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I’d like to add my agreement to everybody else’s comments so far. I was a long-time Miro user and then switched to FigJam boards because I wasn’t able to use Miro with a new client. I love FigJam boards and have mostly switched over. However, I dearly miss the Miro sticky functionality, especially because of the text resizing.

It’s honestly one of the main things that’s making me consider returning to Miro. I would literally pay more just for this to work in FigJam boards the same way it does in Miro boards.

Thanks so much and I hope that this gets implemented at some point.