Text display problem

I’m using FigJam and run into the problem with text

Note that if I export the design as png, the text stay error, but if I export as pdf, it will be displayed correctly.

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! I’m trying to reproduce on my end, but it seems it’s difficult. Please let me ask some questions to understand more.

Could you share the text that you’re using? Do you know if this issue is happening only on your end or on other environment too? Does this happen in Figma design files as well?

Please help me reproduce the same behavior.


Try updating the GPU driver or try running Chrome or Figma desktop app with the flags from this post:

I did try to run Figma desktop app with those 2 methods, but it couldn’t help :frowning:

I will try to update my gpu driver later and see if it is the root of problem. Thank you a lot.

Sorry for my late response.

The error occurs with any text I type in the help text over arrow objects, either English or Vietnamese (Unicode typing). In the specific image I attached, it is “data sinh viên” and “kết quả bàn giao.”

I have noticed that this issue only happens on my work computer. Both my mobile device and my home desk display the same design file perfectly.

Although I am not very experienced with Figma, I have reviewed some recent designs by my teammate and did not encounter any text glitches.

Let me know if I can provide any further infomation. Thank you.

Hi there,

A community posted above, could you try these?


Also, this help center article might be worth a try! https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040523973-Technical-troubleshooting-tips

Please let us know if these don’t work.