Text & Color Style › Variants

It would be amazing to add variants to both text and color styles like you can to a component, to have a core style with options.

When working in a design system you have to setup multiple styles of a main style to allow for all the uses, so end up having multiple version of each style for all the variations. This could be simplified by adding style options that accommodate for different use cases.

A few examples:

  1. Text Styles › The ability to add different Line heights, Letter spacing, Weights, Cases (Uppercase), etc. to a created style.

As part of our design system we have to make style variants for all these options making out library huge. The grouping helps but still not ideal.

  1. Color Styles › The ability to add opacities or other variants


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yes! that would be awesome! I’m currently working on a design system and using taildwind as refference, so we keep the designs very close to the front-end library, and these type of automations for fonts specially would be so helpful!