Text and color styles disappeared

All of my local text and color styles disappeared from one of my Figma files; I tried restoring old versions of the file but they’re not there as well.

I read about other people having this issue; that issue was closed; I’m posting a new one to confirm that this issue still persists.

I’ll have to reimport and reapply the styles; a cumbersome, time consuming process.

Hey @Jess_Eddy - sorry about that. Can you please confirm when was the last date and time that you saw the text and color styles in the library?

You mentioned you weren’t able to get them to restore with old version – are there other users who have access to edit access in your files/styles? Is it possible anyone on your team cut or deleteed the styles at any time recently?

If yiu’re unsure or don’t believe so, the above did not help could please send the URL of this library file to me in a PM, and add support-share@figma.com as an editor on this file. I can have our support team take a look to see if there’s an audit trail on what happened. Depending on how deep the issues runs, I may need to get a support ticket set up.

Let me know when you can.

This exact same thing just happened to me after 8 hours of painstakingly adjusting a large color system library. Restoring old versions has not resolved the issue whatsoever.


I just realized that this happened to more than one file. I don’t share my files with anyone; the last date I saw the styles was a couple of weeks ago I think. Since they do not appear in the version history, I don’t know the exact date.

The files that were impacted are the community as free resources; they are unaffected, only my files lost text and color styles, I can send you both files so you can see, compare and investigate. Should I send them to: support-share@figma.com?

Yes please - if you can share edit access to the files and the library with the styles you have seen affected by this with support-share@figma.com, that would be great. You won’t be charged for this.

Since you mentioned this was a community resource, that makes this a bit more interesting. If you also lost them in other files, it does seem to isolate to the library you’re working with.

Also just a side note: that email is only for file shares only, so if you send an email directly to it, it won’t come through. Please let me know if you need to relay anything, and if all else fails, I’ll get an email case set up for you properly. Let me know when you’re able to take a look.

This has now happened a second time to a file I already restored once. Trying to be patient, but this is a serious bug; hoping you can address it soon.

@Jess_Eddy Can you please file a ticket via this link here?

Once you’ve done that, please reply here and let me know what case number you are assigned. I’m not able to review the files/libraries/styles myself, so I can have your ticket escalated once you file.

If you already filed one, can you please let me know what case number you were assigned?

Hello, I reported the bug and got a confirmation email but I don’t see a case number anywhere. Thanks!

Thank you <3

I just escalated your case to our technical quality team. Someone should be in touch soon.

Thank you. Noting that this has happened a second time to a second file.

Hey there! I’m also having the same issue; my text styles have disappeared. Could I have assistance in restoring them?