Testing library updates before publishing


Does anyone know if there’s a way for me to test the impact of the changes I’ve made in the library before publishing it? There were a couple of times I’ve noticed that the updates I made reset the content (my fault for restructuring layers, renaming them, etc). But now I’ve got PTSD and I just really need to make sure that when designers get the update, nothing gets broken.


You can make exact copy of the file you about to publish, I would name something like “Pre-Releas Test Build”. Work with the new copy, but does not hold swapped we need to quickly now you can test your designs


Hi Pavel,
So how would you test if your “Pre-Release Test Build” breaks anything in a consuming team’s main design file?


Publish pre-release version and try it on a file. You can swap libraries to see how it would work. Don’t forget to back up test file though )

Thanks for the quick clarification! I’ll try that out :slight_smile:

but swap libraries doesnt seem reliable on a component with variants specially with colors