Target component with holding a key + click

I would like to have a feature or change behaviour, when click-locking component specifically. Right now, when you “cmd + click” (ctrl + click) you get to the lowest element you within layers you can get.

But what if I need to change state? I have to cmd + click and then got to layers and find the component in there ti change state. Image you have complex forms with dozens of input fields of different types you already prepared content for.

Now go change 50-70 % of them, because you need read-only state e.g. It is extremely long way to change state of component.

Would be nice to have like “option + click” or change behaviour of “cmd + click” if I hover over the component.

Reason for cmd + click change is simple - you want to change specific thing and in a component, it is very likely a text OR change status. And text can be variable.

Hey @Pavel_Mares, thanks for this feedback!

We’ll pass it along to the team for future consideration.

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