Take screenshots directly from the prototype viewer

Sometimes you just need static images for a presentation, to send to someone. or to paste it into Jira. If you use things like overlays in the prototype (i.e. menu or cart) you usually don’t have this exact state of the UI on a screen in order to export it.


  • Export or Screenshot function directly from the prototype viewer
  • chose to have it with or without device frame
  • transparent background
  • save or copy to clipboard
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Directly recording videos from the prototype would be awesome as well!


I don’t know what OS you are on, but on Windows I always use the snippet tool for things like that as it essentially freezes your screen until its taken. If you just want a small part of the screen go shift + window button + S. Then you can drag over the area you want and it’s saved to your clipboard to paste in other places.

Mac got something similar but not sure of other things as Linux etc

Hi Sebastian,

yes, there is a similar snippet function on macs and I’m using it all the time. However, It’s a bit fiddly when I want to hit an exact pixel. Besides, I can copy any frame as png. Why not the player then?

I imagine the same thing that most browsers offer in the responsive mode. You hit a button and you have a screenshot. Very simple, very useful (to me).

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