Tab and arrow buttons for adjusting image no longer working

When I’m adjusting an image’s exposure, contrast, etc., the “tab” and “arrow” buttons are no longer functional. This makes it difficult to fine-tune an image using only the mouse. Is this a bug? (I was able to do this in the past)


Same problem… Can’t imagine this was removed on purpose.

Very frustrating to try to do micro adjustments with mouse cursor on a tiny slider…

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Please bring it back!!

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Hey All, thanks for flagging this!

I just try to reproduce this on a Mac using the desktop app and in the browser on Chrome.

My desktop app is working as expected, but in browser, this ability doesn’t seem to be working.

Can you please confirm if that’s also what you’re experiencing? Please let me know if this is happening in browser, on the desktop, or both as well as what OS you’re using. With this information from you all, I’ll flag this over to our team to investigate!

This may not be a bug, but rather a feature of the program or a setting on your computer. Check to see if the keyboard settings on your computer or the program you use to adjust your images have changed. Also make sure your operating system and software are updated to the latest version, as sometimes updates can change how the keys work.

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