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Switching variants. new variants are all flipped horizontally

Hi everyone, I’m running into this weird issue lately, this wasn’t happening before. started happening about a day ago maybe…

I’ve got a component, that has a couple of variants based on breakpoints.

For some reason, when I switch from one variant to another, the newly applied Variant is flipped Horizontally.

trying to figure out what is going.

PS Not sure if this is the right place were I should post this.

This is the right place. This is happening because one of your main components is flipped or rotated. Go through the affected components and check rotation values. If they are all 0, then one of the components is flipped horizontally. The hotkey for this is Shift + H. Simply take out all the contents of the component and flip it, then put the contents back. Or simply rebuild the broken component.

Thanks Gleb, I started rebuilding them, before seeing your response, I appreciate the help :slight_smile: