Swap variables in library

We desperately need this feature for our white-label product.

We are currently relying on this plugin: https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/1264578192495051449

But it doesn’t work perfectly and normally a few variables (of hidden layers usually, or variables with transparencies) don’t get swapped properly and we end up having to manually hunt down the elements with unswapped variables and manually select the correct variables. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to switch to a different mode.

Figma, please add this variable swapping feature ASAP!! Please.



One more voice for this fix. I was quite perplexed facing this bug (?) two months later after migrating my color styles to variables.

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Huge upvote for this from my side. Managing a white label product is not possible with Figma Variables. At the moment Variables just work with simple projects. For everything beyond this you need 3rd party plugins which work more or less good. I prefer to use native features.

Not being able to swap variables breaks the workflow for design systems. Please add this feature, it is necessary