Swap variables in library

We desperately need this feature for our white-label product.

We are currently relying on this plugin: https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/1264578192495051449

But it doesn’t work perfectly and normally a few variables (of hidden layers usually, or variables with transparencies) don’t get swapped properly and we end up having to manually hunt down the elements with unswapped variables and manually select the correct variables. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to switch to a different mode.

Figma, please add this variable swapping feature ASAP!! Please.



One more voice for this fix. I was quite perplexed facing this bug (?) two months later after migrating my color styles to variables.


Huge upvote for this from my side. Managing a white label product is not possible with Figma Variables. At the moment Variables just work with simple projects. For everything beyond this you need 3rd party plugins which work more or less good. I prefer to use native features.


Not being able to swap variables breaks the workflow for design systems. Please add this feature, it is necessary


As many here I’m absolutely flabbergasted that “library swap” ommits variables. The same variables which are part of published library.

I’m working for an agency which works with many brands and not having ability to swap variables between projects completely defeats purpose of using them in any design system.

This feature must move from “we are considering it” to “we are working on it” ASAP.


Working with White Label Solutions and a Design System here as well and this one is a must! Also, to everyone reading this: Please click “upvote” at the top of the post!


I want to second this! We are going through a brand refresh, and not being able to swap libraries with the variables that have already been defined is a huge loss of efficiency for us.


This one works better for me :wink:

It’s a shame to depend on the kindness of external developers… for a function that should be native.



Could you provide an update on the status of this feature request?

Currently, our agency relies on the Variables Pro plugin, but we’ve found it lacks intuitiveness and requires multiple steps to accomplish tasks.

We are super happy with the recent rollout of typography tokens, but it is fueling our excitement for the implementation of this feature.


It would be awesome if we didn’t have to rely on external plugins for this feature. It makes so much sense to include variables when swapping libraries. Are there any updates on whether Figma is even considering including this feature?

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I’m reaching out to urgently request the addition of a variable swap function to the library’s existing swap functionality.

Our team has been facing significant time losses on projects due to the absence of this feature, and the frustration level is escalating. Currently, we are relying on third-party plugins for variable swapping, but unfortunately, they are malfunctioning, causing considerable inconvenience.

Moreover, the current state of Figma variables is not viable for agencies like ours. We urge you to consider implementing this feature internally so that it becomes a default aspect of the platform.

Your assistance in this matter would be immensely valuable, not only to our team but to numerous other agencies facing similar challenges.

Thank you!

Best regards,


While waiting for native feature, I also made plugin called Swap Variables that can help you for now.

It swaps variable collections, replacing variables by their name. We use it to extend our design systems to multiple products. But it’s kinda hard to cover all the agile variable cases with current state of Plugin API.

There’s a hope that Figma will roll out multibrand suitable “extended collections” mentioned on Config soon.

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Thank you for the tip!

Is it possible to swap variables across multiple pages? Our component library file has a separate page for each component. :sweat_smile:

Not for now, but I consider to add this feature. However, all-pages swapping will be a long flight…
UPD: Multi-page swapping is available now.

This feature would help our workflow a great deal. In addition, the selected modes on frames should also be swapped!

I love the plugin. But Figma’s team should definintely add variables to their library swap function.

HI @Bruno_Bach does it means the text used in component need to link to a default brand or do we need to set up a default text style within DS and then swap the brand when using components?