SVG path winding order differences


I am building a plugin that exports svg templates to be used by another tool. The other tool only accepts svg paths with the default fill-rule of “nonzero” to identify subpaths for cutouts & non-filled areas.

I discovered that paths derived from shapes (rect, ellipse, polygon) with outlined strokes generate svg paths with a fill-rule of “evenodd” & all subpaths are drawn/wound in the same direction (counter-clockwise), which is not compatible with the tool.

Paths created with the pen tool, with outlined strokes generate paths with alternating draw/winding directions, which works.

I’d love to be able to export compatible basic paths using outlined shapes, so my question is:
Is there an ability in the plugin API to choose fill-rules or path winding directions, or is this an intentional feature of Figma’s svg generator?