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Support for Touch Interfaces

FigJam has a lot of potential in delivering a cohesive brainstorming tool. FigJam currently offers a pen tool to write and draw free-hand. However, this tool does not work on an iPad. No one likes to write or draw with a mouse, so support for Apple Pencil and other touch-based interfaces would move the needle further towards being a great whiteboarding tool.


This definitely needs to happen. Or an iPad version of FigJam that’s native. You can currently use the Apple Pencil on the iPad If you mirror your screen or Figma window on the iPad in Sidecar mode.


This is a definite need. Drawing with a mouse and keyboard is kinda terrible. I would love to have a Figma iPad app that would allow me to at least open/review files but also be able to start/open a FigJam, draw on the whiteboard and then comment or audio chat on my desktop.


+1 for Apple Pencil support. Using Miro on both desktop and tablet feels really natural, each device have tools that they are better suited for. It would be really great if Figjam could match this capability.



Would love to use figma on my iPad.


+1 for Apple pencil support :hugs: this was first thing I did to check out Jams on my iPad :stuck_out_tongue: and it does not work… Love scribling on Miro app and see it real time on Miro board


It would be super nice to use on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. And also be able to sketch inline prototypes — so we can build quick flows by sketching freehand :slight_smile:


+1 for Pencil Support. I was really excited about Jams and using it with our team until i realized it didn’t work. This would be a great improvement to our teams remote flow.

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iPad and Apple Pencil support are definitely critical. I use Miro a lot on my iPad to sketch in workshops, so there’s no way I can switch to FigJam without that capability.


Would love support for iPad as well as using the apple pen! would make this a whole lot more palatable


Apple pencil works if you connect your iPad to your mac w/Sidecar

It works for me, however it is not the smoothest experience- I see here a lot of space for improvement. I logged in via Chrome on iPad and was able to open the file that I created On the desktop app. I can draw and move around elements BUT there is no delete option - I can open the iPad keyboard only for text boxes and delete feature is bind to the keyboard. Also the pen tool is not responsive enough, it‘s reacting too slow- I don’t have a feeling of drawing like in other apps. I think without great tablet support FigmaJam doesn’t change the game for me that much.

This works if you have a Mac! But there are many people with an iPad but use a Windows PC or some Linux distribution that don’t have Sidecar.

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I have the iPad app “Figurative” installed which allows me to draw with the apple pencil in the most basic sense. However, I am unable to zoom in or out, and panning around the screen is difficult.

Double tap on the apple pencil doesn’t switch to an eraser (presumably because it doesn’t exist).