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Support connector within frame?

The good thing is that I can copy paste connectors into my Design file and use them to connect my frames and show the flow.

Right now connectors only supports connecting the single shape/the outmost layer or frame, I’m wondering in the future if it can support the shapes within a frame?

You can connect objects and then put them in a frame, the arrow would stay connected.

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@Gleb Yes, but if we use an component from a library, we cannot connect to shapes inside that component.

Use case:
When I’m creating the navigation structure of a product, I want to use the standard toolbar component and visualize with arrows per navigation menu item to which page it will navigate, So I can communicate to developers how the routing must work.

Do you think that this can be part of an future update?

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Yea, I notice this. But let say i created a flow chart and paste them into a frame, and after a while I come back to edit it, at that time I need to remove the frame to make my update smooth… It would be really nice if the connector can work within the frame.

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