Suggestion: Remove Dev Ready Icon in Page

It doesn’t make sense to include this icon here, especially if there might be other items/sections/frames that are NOT dev ready within a page.

Anyone else agree?

At least give us the option to turn that off?

I also use emojis to help distinguish pages and adding this in kinda messes w/ that


I would like to see it moved to the right side of the list item. Where it is now interferes with formatting you put in your page names to organize them.


Exactly what Christopher says!

Yes, please. We should have a way to turn it off, maybe in the ‘View’ option of the menu tab.

I searched everywhere to find out how to turn it off, ashey it’s not only me that wants it.

Hi, the reason its there because one of your section is taged as ready for dev. once you remove all of the tag from the sections on the page the icon will disappear


@Shay_Beni Thanks for pointing out the exact reason. If Dev ready status is removed from all the sections/files then the ‘Dev Ready’ icon will disappear automatically.

Maybe removing multiple dev ready status at once could be a good feature also placing dev ready icon right side of the pages name/ Highlight the page names in green that are dev-ready.

I’m totally against the idea to remove it as it explicit the idea that there is ready for dev screens in this page.

Nevertheless, It would be great to have “A remove all” the ready for devs or something to reinitialize the icons. (in my case, I do have a persistent icon in my file when there is no more ready for devs elements)

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I have this same case.