Style guide doesn't work

I exported a wireframe from relume and opened it in the free Figma kit. I tried to change the style for primary buttons, but it seems like the classes doesn’t automatically match. So I have to change every single elements class. Does anyone know a solution?
Appreciate the help!

Check the 3 attachments down below

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Hi @Adrian_Dietrichs, Thanks for reaching out! I understand how you feel.

So, are you inquiring about the operation related to Relume plugin and Relume’s Figma kit?
If so, you can also reach out to their support team via the contact information provided on the right side of the plugin page [Support: plugin owner’s email].

I’ve checked out Integrations and applications for any relevant information regarding this matter, but I haven’t found anything yet.

If there are any additional details I overlooked, please let us know. We also encourage input from our community, so feel free to jump in and share your insights!

FYI: I found a post that duplicates this post and deleted it to maintain our forum tidy. Thank you for your understanding.


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