Stuck in Figma Email Verification Flow

Subject: Urgent Assistance Needed: Stuck in Figma Email Verification Flow

I am reaching out to inform you that I am currently experiencing an issue with the email verification process on our company Figma account.

I attempted to verify my email, but unfortunately, I seem to be stuck in the verification flow. Despite several attempts, I have been unable to proceed, and this is hindering my access to the account.

Could you please assist me in resolving this matter as soon as possible? Your prompt attention to this issue is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Steps that I did.
Received a link from the company.
Create an account with the company domain.
Received the verification link in email.
Click on that.
Redirected to Verify e-mail again

Best regards,

Hey Cristian,
Thanks for reaching out to the community! Could you please open the link in an incognito window to see if it works?
If not, please reach out directly to the support team for additional help here:

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