Still constantly baffled by setting actions on variants

I’ve got two radio buttons, and when you select one, that radio button should become selected, and another field should appear.

Search by Name
Search by ID

Name field


Search by Name
Search by ID

ID field

The radio button group is a component with variants that when you Click it uses a Change To action to swap between them. I’ve been trying to add Set Variable actions to the Click to show/hide the ID and Name fields.

It seems Figma should either 1) apply the actions to all the variants when they change, or 2) allow me to set actions on the other variants and apply those when the prototype is run. Instead it does 3) Keeps the actions of any variant visible when the prototype is run, and discards them when a Change To action happens.

This results in it working if I switch from Name to ID, but when I switch from ID to name, the radio buttons switch, but the ID field is still visible and the Name field is not.

I’ve tried a bunch of ways to work around this, and other than going back to the old way of creating a screen for every state, I’m stumped. Help?

Hey Richard, are you working with conditionals? By defining if you tick the “Search by Name” field the “Name field” should trigger.