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Can we please have a native spell checker in figma?? The spell checkers that are supported by third parties are unreliable and I still end up with typos in my designs. I need a reliable spell checker!

I’m in Figma a lot and when writing up any content, presentations OR comments in designs within Figma there’s not native spell check function in the desktop app. This would be a nice feature to improve my spelling across all documentation, feedback and overall designs I work through.

I know there’s a plugin for this, however it is limited in the free tier and is relatively complicated to work through when I’d prefer the text to simply highlight and suggest spelling fixes like a lot of default browser work.


Grammarly integration into Figma?!

Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

Currently, I’m going back and forth between a text editor that has auto-correct and Figma when writing a copy. And as a non-native English speaker, I use Grammarly that I found super useful to correct typos and all. It would be SO convenient to avoid going to an external tool for copy and stay all in one place to write any text in Figma.

To the community: Has anyone experienced the same turnaround? How do you handle it yourself?

To the team at Figma: any plan on integrating Grammarly or an auto-correct tool in the near future?


Wow, that would be great!
Right now I have to copy the text into a browser text box, just to make sure I don’t have any spelling mistakes. I ain’t a Native English speaker. Sometimes it is a freaktion for a product design.

Hi, dev. Why we are not able to use auto spell check/correction or even apps like Grammarly inside Figma, which would have been a great help while typing.

Spellcheck please! The plugins just aren’t cutting it and it’s a big issue.

Yes +1 Touch Bar suggestions don’t work either (maybe I should create another suggestion for that)

Figma…please add spell check! The plugins are either bad or costly.

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What Marc said! :slight_smile:

It is mind boggling that Figma doesn’t support spell-checking on the Desktop app, and the only plugin that does a decent job is paid ($99 for all times). This is crazy, as design is as much good copy, as amazing eye candy. Please Figma, do something and focus on TXET instead of leaving poor designers to have diopter++ anytime we have to deliver a design. It is literally build into the system (on Macs, probably Windows as well). It is also build into the browsers!!!

Sketch is so much better at that, and the desktop experience is super smooth, so… hint hint… get another important feature done please!


Grammarly INTEGRATION is needed! SPELLL and Spellchecker are so sad to use!

It would be great to be able to access the OS-level spellcheck feature available to most text-based apps. I.e., highlight a word, right click and Define word or replace word with correctly spelled version.

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I’m a content designer, so I’d like to add:

  • We need to be able to add words to the spellcheck dictionary uniformly for teams (so everyone will use the appropriate spelling/capitalization etc. - some things might be different from company to company)
  • We should be able to flag words that aren’t on brand (ex: flag “continue” in buttons and substitute or suggest “next”.

I know plugins are not the ideal solution but I made a spell check plugin for Figma that is like Grammarly.

Edit: I just noticed that this is posted under FigJam and not just Figma. :man_facepalming:

@Tekeste_Kidanu Thanks for sharing your plugin!

I’ve also merged your original post & this one over to the primary Figma topic, instead of FigJam.

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Thank you! @dvaliao

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Hi there. Another reason to include Grammarly is that Grammarly Business has company style guides. So a design team could implement a custom style guide that would not only spellcheck but also adhere to the specific style guides for that product. This would be incredible! Errors would be corrected from the beginning and would be far less likely to migrate all the way to production with this feature.

Alternatively, Figma could develop a proprietary customizable style guide and spellcheck feature. As Figma is our source of truth for both design and writing, it deserves to be considered a writing app, with the tech that all writing apps need.

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They are terrible. One is paid after a shot time and in other you need to select specific text field to check.

If you want a Grammarly plugin, go ahead and send a feature request directly to Grammarly. Maybe that helps :heart:

I’m sorry, but publicly highlighting, and leaning on a good-effort-but-half-baked spell checking community plugin, for which there is a 7-day free trial before you need to pay to cover API access costs, is completely bonkers.

Figma needs a competent built-in spell checker. (Huge props to the developer of SPELLL, really. But this shouldn’t have needed to be made in the first place.)

I’m sure if anyone replies to this, they’ll suggest “write your content outside of Figma.” Cool, if only every situation could be that ideal. The reality is that people write in Figma.

I’m also sure that someone will take this as an attack on the community and efforts to fill this spell checking gap. It’s not. I have a crazy number of plugins installed that I absolutely adore. The community is easily a Top 3 aspect of Figma.

But, basic spell checking should be table stakes for any product shipping with a text input field. End of story. It’s intrinsic for pretty much any 1st or 3rd-party application on macOS and iOS, seems good-enough (at least exists) in most janky Windows applications, and so forth.

It’s frankly indefensible at this point that Figma does not have any form of spell checking capability. At the very least when utilizing the desktop applications.

Is any work being done here? Are we forever doomed to using good-enough and pay-for-it spell checking – a feature that has existed in decent form since the damn Bronze Age in our computing environments?