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Specific Permissions for Approving Merging

We have a large design team with many designers/“Editors”.

For specific files (i.e. our Core Library) we would like to designate one or two users to “approve” all branch merges into the core library. Ideally, anyone can create a branch, make changes & submit for approval, but only designated users (file owners?) can approve the merges.

Hi Chloe,

Thanks for the feedback! Right now, if you modify the permissions on the Core Library file, you should be able to get the behavior you’re looking for. If you give edit access to the main file to your approvers, and give everyone else View access, the viewers will be able to create and modify branches, and the editors will be able to merge them when ready. For now, branch creators will have to let the editors know when their branch is ready for review/merging, but we’re working on a Review feature that would allow this communication to happen all inside of Figma.

We’re of course continuing to listen to feedback around these flows, so let us know if this works for you!


Hi @raquino.
I am very interest in your response to this problem. Our Design Dept is finding the same issues as @Chloe4 above. In the solution to the problem you are mentioning the Core Library file. Could you please expand on that and how to achieve it. I can’t see any Library file in the system, also is some coding required?
Thank you in advance.