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Sort order when placing multiple images

I tend to take a lot of screenshots on my laptop, view them in a Finder window sorted by date modified – newest at the top so they’re easy to find, select them all and drag into Figma.

What I see is that the order images are placed on the canvas is backwards. The latest screenshot I took is on the left, the oldest on the right.

I think this is backwards because imagine you screenshot pages 1, then 2, then 3 of a slide deck you want to use as inspiration. Slide 3 will be the most recent, therefore at the top of the Finder window. But when I drag them into Figma I see, from left to right: Slide 3, 2, 1

Can this be swapped around?

What negative knock-on effects might happen if Figma swapped the sort order?

Do you do this kind of workflow?

Does it annoy you to have to swap everything around each time?

I’ve tried sorting my Finder window so newest files are at the bottom. But the behaviour of Finder means I have to scroll to the bottom to see all the files as I create them, it doesn’t automatically show me the latest created files as they’re created. Plus it feels awkward to use the bottom of the Finder window like that. Having them at the top is absolutely my preferred option for repeated uses like this.