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Some prototype connections lost when copying page

Description of the problem

  1. I have a set of frames with prototype connections on a page
  2. When copying that page, some of the prototype connections break. Not all of them, but some. It seems more likely to break overlays than navigation.

Does anyone else experience this issue? If so, have you found a work around?

I’m working with a high volume of prototypes that are copied and locked for sharing with clients. That way I can keep iterating on the main one and they have access to a snapshot of the prototype from our last review. Having to go through every copy I make in order to repair these links is tedious and time consuming.

Maybe you have components on your page? They are copied as instances when duplicating the page so it’s not possible to keep their connections.

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Hmm that’s a good suggestion and I will definitely keep an eye out for that in the future, but I keep all my main source components in a different file and import the library. All of the components on the prototyped pages are instances.

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Experienced the same issue. If you’re copying it within the same file but just to a different page, then try duplicating that page and deleting everything apart from the content that you wanted to copy. This way it retains the links.

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Copying entire pages has been my standard practice, but this issue still persists. Since my original post, I’ve even run into issues where prototype connections are lost within files I haven’t even opened since originally creating and successfully testing those connections. Overall it creates a very unstable experience, especially when sharing prototypes with clients.

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I’ve been getting the same issue. Doesn’t matter if components are on the page being copied or elsewhere, loads of links just disappear. I need to copy the whole page with its prototype intact.

(I also contacted support about it)

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The issue is that if your master is made of variants and you update those variants incorrectly, like I did, the instance looses its link. When updating the variants do not delete any of them but apply your updates to each one individually (best practice they should all derive from the top variant so you alter only one).

What I did instead - I deleted one variant then duplicated the one above which already had the updates, then renamed it to the same name, however to Figma this is a different components since the component ID is new (we don’t see this but ideally Figma should allow us to overwrite them somehow)

Then you need to go back to your instance and replace it by typing the same name and selecting it from the list. Now it is linked to the new variant even thought name has not changed.

Regarding your issues I have always dragged and duplicated pages and instances and never had problem with lost links.

If you need more help contact me

The bigger issue when you have extinct components in the Assets search results. You cant drag them in. The process of restring them is long. Figma should allow right-mouse (RM) click replace with… or RM locate on canvas (many times these are old components from dead libraries so they show as “used in this file”) Ideally Figma should give options to only display results from my switched on libraries, and hide what’s on the canvas or Local components. or at least list them in sections so we know what to ignore.

If you need more help contact me