Some keyboard commands no longer work when selecting objects in layers panel (Chrome)

So as of a few days ago, Figma seems unresponsive to keyboard commands when objects are selected in the layers panel, vs selecting the objects on the canvas. (Chrome browser, Mac, U.S. keyboard). It works in Safari and the desktop app though.

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Hey Brian!
Sorry to hear you are having some troubles with some keyboard commands. We are not aware of this issue. Can you specify which shortcuts are affected on your end?
To cover some basics, when you are in Chrome browser, can you check if your keyboard layout you’re currently using is the same than the one in your system keyboard?

I’d recommend you to reach out directly to the support team and please mention your desktop specs, language keyboard layout and browser affected so the technical specialist can have a look at it: here Be sure to use your Figma email account. Thanks!

Thanks Celine for the reply. Seems like all keyboard shortcuts are affected. I checked the keyboard layout and switched between generic and US QWERTY which is my setting, no difference. I’ll reach out to the support team. Thanks again.

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I am facing the same issue. Started a few days ago. Chrome/win10/US QWERTY

Having the same issue. Started a few days ago. Chrome/Win10/US QWERTY

@Shadi @Mike_Moore Can you tell me what version of Chrome you are using?

Are you either of you using a beta version?

Version 125.0.6422.0 (Official Build) (32-bit)

No betas. NOTE: Shortcuts work correctly in Windows app. Also, this issue includes using “Delete” button

Version Version 124.0.6367.156 (Official Build) (64-bit), no beta

@ksn Version Version 124.0.6367.156 (Official Build) (64-bit), no beta

Same here, although it started happening for me at least a month ago.
Chrome: Version 124.0.6367.119 (Official Build) (arm64)
MacOS 14.4.1 (23E224) / US Keyboard (defaults / “Generic” )
Not beta as far as I can tell. (is there an obvious indication?)
Console says figma.apiVersion = 1.0.0

As soon as my mouse moves off the layers panel and onto the canvas, Figma recognizes keyboard shortcuts again. (For example, CMD + D will add a bookmark if i’ve clicked something in the layers panel, and my mouse remains over the the layers panel. )

fwiw - I’m also experiencing another problem outlined here - unable to copy/paste properties (via shortcut or command palette). This problem is also isolated to Chrome (Figma app is fine). It’s possible that these issues are related?

@Marshall_Jones Thanks for letting me know – the issue still seems to be resolved overall, but there may have been adjustments that came with subsequent Chrome updates that broke things again :thinking:

Re: the copy+paste issues in auto-layout – I think the presence of this (in addition to the shortcuts problem) for you indicates something deeper is going on. I’m not confident enough to confirm, but I know our tech quality team will want to review this. They can verify if there may be some bug lurking in your instance.

Can you file a support ticket here, and then let me know when you have done so? I’ll get it routed over to them to be reviewed.

Thanks @ksn - will do. I just updated chrome to latest (now Version 124.0.6367.208 (Official Build) (arm64)) and the original problem of keyboard shortcuts not working if mouse is over layers panel appears to be resolved (yay!).

Inability to copy / paste properties (in general, not just for auto-layout, btw) persists. Will file a support ticket to capture

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ty! I saw you’re working with someone on support, so you should be set for now :smiley:

If you have any additional q’s, feel free to start a new topic!