SOLVED: Search is not working


Search is consistently not working for me, despite being incredibly specific with my searches.

I have a file that is called “ES_Luca” – I search the exact term “Luca” or “ES_Luca” and it says there are no results.

This is happening with all of my files.

Is anyone else experiencing this too?

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i’m also having this issue - any resolution?

for example, this is a known file i have and i’m getting no results. happening with all of my files as well.

Any resolution yet? I ran into this issue & its persistent since a week now. Unable to search for any files. It’s become a bit frustrating!

Anyone else having issues trying to search for a specific file? I search for the exact term and it only shows me community results while the file exists…


Having a similar issue with search – for me, when typing the same text on a different Figma window returns either very few or 0 results even though I clearly have those files open (and >500+ more of the same prefix).

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+1 on this as well. Search couldn’t find a file I worked on quite recently, and oddly enough it had been cleared from my recent files as well. Not sure what’s going.


Not searching, going directly to the community.

This seems to be an ongoing issue as you can see in this thread.

Personally, I can’t replicate this issue as the search runs just flawless in my case.

Hey @All,

Apologies for the trouble! This service disruption has been solved:

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I’m having the problem today.

Hey @Eliot_Lovell, sorry to hear that!

We’re not aware of any current service disruptions:

Are you able to provide a screenshot or screen recording of what you’re seeing on your end?

I’m having the same issue. It’s very frustrating

Still happens, from the past 3 days I’m having trouble finding anything.

Search is still not working

Search is broken!!! Come on Adobe so quick to break a great platform!

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Still having these issues :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey @Inigo_Bergareche @CentralUX @Jamie_Wallace @Greg19 @Fuse,

Sorry to hear you’re still having issues! Please submit a bug report to our support team directly via the form here:

it is still happening to me. intermittent somehow.

Still a big issue :persevere:

The search is returning that it ran into issues and not working across our team. Restart and sign in not working. Any recommendations on how to fix this issue?