[SOLVED] How do I remove libraries that appear in the "libraries" modal?

Currently, I have my regular libraries (design system, etc) existing as options however there are a few options present that are very old which files have been deleted and I want them removed from this modal.

There is no place to manage libraries outside of this modal and I can’t seem to “delete” libraries from this modal.

EDIT: The file that is appearing in my libraries modal is not even “owned” by me (view only from Design+Code) and I cannot find a way to unattach it.

  1. Find the file via search by name of the library (library name = file name).
  2. Open the file and click Share button or right click and choose Share.
  3. Find yourself, click “can edit” or “can view” near your name and choose “Leave”.

Context menu in file search, Share option highlighted
File Share modal, lists of guests. Gleb (You) and dropdown with can view and Leave options, Leave highlighted

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Perfect! Thank you Gleb.

What happens when you can’t find your name? I can’t seem to find this library anywhere.

Look in drafts → deleted
After you open the file and the share modal, use cmd+f to find on page and search for your name.