Smart animate pixelation bug?

Hi, Im testing out smart animate in Figma and I am used to auto animate in Adobe XD. Im trying to make a simple animation, but have a problem with smart animate. You can see really bad pixelation, which is weird because Figma is using vectors… :thinking:

Does anyone know why this happens?

Here is a link to the demonstration: Figma smart animate - YouTube
Figma on the left, Adobe XD on the right.

Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately this is how it works. Figma can animate between two rectangles pretty well if you don’t ask too much of them (I don’t know what it’s called today, but it used to be called “tweening”), but everything else does a simple dissolve between the changing layers.

Wow really?! I’m a just starting with Figma and am really enjoying it, but prototyping is essential and works so much better in XD if you ask me. Thanks for letting me know!

I don’t want to answer for them but I think Figma would say something like “We’re an experience design tool, not an animation tool.” At the moment they seem content to let others like XD own hifi prototypes. Mostly I get by without caring but it drives me nuts sometimes.

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Use a frame instead of a rectangle.

I’ve tried to use a frame instead and recreated the object, but without success. It still looks pixelated and stretches the object.

Oh, so this is due to the applied stroke. Try creating this object using frames or rectangles with no stroke.

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