[Slow performance when delete an item on design file]

Hi, I had trouble with deleting an item on a Figma file. Although I’ve already split the file and not let it be too large, I have to wait around 0.5s to 1s before the system delete the item.
How can I know what is happening now? What can I do to solve this problem? Since the waiting causes impatience and slows down my work, I am a little angry about this. frowning:

Yeah I have the same issues… Replacing items, selecting multiple artboards and deleting items have a very long delay up to 1 second. I’ve cleared the Figma cache but that didn’t solve the issue…

Do you have any problems with performance when I bind a variable to a text style? When I delete, it takes me a few seconds to remove. I’ve tested with other objects (graphics, shapes, etc.), and there are no problems but text.
Then I remove all the text variables and improve the speed of deleting text properties.
Still don’t know why :cry:

Hi, for about a week I’ve also noticed a crazy slowdown when duplicating, deleting frames or components. However, if I use simple shapes this doesn’t happen, but this slowdown makes Figma really bad. My MacBook Pro is up to date, it’s not slowed down so I think it’s really a Figma problem, I tried both on the app and on the browser. I also noticed that it also started disconnecting from the network, even though I’m connected to a very fast network and it doesn’t happen to me with other programs. How can we do it, help!

The problem is with text variables and the team is aware of it.
Here’s the main topic about it:

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