Slides - File reduced to View Only

Hi folks. I was testing out the new Slides product yesterday. When I returned to the file this morning my slide deck says it is in View Only and I can’t edit its permissions or any of its content any longer.

I’ve tried exiting the file and reloading, and I’ve also tried logging out and back in.

Any other ideas?

Hey @bill.spingarn – can you PM me the name of the slides file this happened on + what team it belongs in for you?

I’d like to take a look and get you connected to support – that’s definitely not a behavior we want, and want to check up on some things.

Hi ksn,

I’m also having a weird problem similar to the original post. I have been working on two templates in Slides, 1 allows me full access to utilize existing libraries, the other seems to only show 90% of the libraries.

Further more, neither of them allow me change permissions from “View Only”.

Similar to Bill, I tried logging in and out.

I figured out my issue. It turns out my enterprise disabled Slides shortly after it was rolled out. I just happened to catch it early and try it for a bit before they disabled it from all their enterprise seats.

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@Greasynips Are you part of an organization or enterprise plan? If so, are you the owner of the team with that plan?

Based on @bill.spingarn’s solution, I wonder if your admin made a change where you can no longer access Slides.

Can you check with your admins to see if that may be the case?

Funnily enough, a co worker figured out the library issue:

As I said, for some reason, only 90% of the libraries were available when using a Slide’s template, but once I created a random Asset, only when creating the asset to the other 10% of the library become available… Odd.

Regarding the “View-Only” issue, I can confirm that Slides is enabled on our organization, so no issues there.

that is interesting - I’ll pass this forward to engineering to take into account any other odd scenarios.

please let me know if the library availability continues to cause issues.