Slide missing in presentation mode

I’m using a plug in to present my slides in Figma and one of my slides is just a blank page when I convert the Figma files to the presentation mode. Please help

Hi @Lyndsay_Ediger, Thanks for reaching out about this! I can feel your pain.

In the Presentation view, only content inside the main frame gets displayed. Could you double-check if there are any missing elements that aren’t directly nested within that frame?
For more details on Presentation view, you can take a look here: Play your prototypes > Present your prototype

Also, please feel free to explore our community too! I stumbled upon a similar question here.

If the above suggestions don’t do the trick, you can reach out to the plugin’s owner directly.

  • Provide feedback on the comment tab of the plugin page
  • Send a message to support on the right side of the plugin page [Support: plugin owner’s email].

Hope it helps! Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!