Since update 31, January, complications and random changes when updating with library files and working files that are connected

Since the Figma update released on 31st of Jan,

some changes published in the library are not updated in the working file, also Figma itself changes fonts from Desktop to Mobile when updating files.

Furthermore, one of the examples is that I have created second size of Link button, published it, updated file and when I try to change size in component it doesn’t work.

Also, parts of the nested components do not work after the update in the working file.

Does anyone have similar experiences since the last major Figma update?

Thank you for reaching out. To ensure I fully understand the situation, I have a few questions I’d like to ask.

In terms of the library changes, it seems that some updates aren’t being reflected in other files. Have you noticed any differences between the assets that have updated successfully and those that haven’t?

Regarding the nested components, could you provide a bit more detail on how they aren’t functioning as expected?

Finally, would it be possible for you to share screen recordings that demonstrate these behaviors?

Thanks so much,