Simplify instances impacts performance?

Hey, does anybody know if “simplify instance” can reduce memory consumption and improve Figma performance? Or is it just a cosmetic feature?

Hey Taras,
Thanks for reaching out to the community.
As a general workaround, please check our guide to reduce memory in files here:

Using components (and instances) can cause a high available memory use, I suggest checking your file for the following elements which can cause it:

  1. A large amount of content spread across multiple Pages. We suggest you cut and paste content from this file into a new file so that you aren’t loading the content you don’t need to when opening a file. To preserve connections between instances and their main components, please follow the instructions in our Move published components article.
  2. Hidden layers. Loading and then hiding a large number of layers, especially in components or with images stored in them, can cause a high use of available memory on loading.
  3. Stacked Masks and Effects like shadows and blurs also take a lot of memory to load.

Also, as reminder, every browser has its own active memory limit. This can differ across devices but the general understanding is there’s an active memory limit of 2GB for each tab in a browser. If you’re working with large files and libraries in Figma you may run into memory limits. Hope this helps!

Thanks, I understand all that, but this does not answer my question.

Hey Taras,
Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Instances may impact performance (if you have heavy amount of instances, of course this can impact the performance. So if you can “simplify” it, this can also help). As a general workaround that we recommend, components are one of the assets that can mostly cause a high available memory use, this is why I also recommend you to have a look at it if you’d like to reduce memory consumption. Hope this clarify :slight_smile:

Celine, I am referring to Figma functionality of simplification of the instances, rather than abstract understanding of getting something simplier :upside_down_face:

“Simplified instances” in

Ohh - thank you for the clarification! To my knowledge, this has no impact on the memory consumption and we recommend sticking to the methods above to reduce memory in your files :slightly_smiling_face: