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Showing distance to objects while dragging

I know If I use the option key and hover, I get the distance between objects but I would like a feature that shows the distance exactly the way the option key does but without start making a copy of the element. If I start moving it I just want to see the distance to the element above for example. If I do this now it’s going to get to a point where it starts measuring from the copy I’m holding.


If you select the two layers you want, a little red line will appear halfway between them. You can drag that up and down to modify the space between them. You can also change the distance in the inspector. See image and tell me if that’s what you’re trying to do. I’ve just quickly drawn two rectangles and selected them to highlight the behavior. Unfortunately, this will only move the lower object, keeping the upper object in place.

Please please tell me there is a way to always see the red distance-between-objects-measurement while I’m dragging them around.

Square #1 and square #2
When I click on square #2 and drag it around, I see the wonderful red guidelines showing me the their edges are lined up, and, if I only had one wish in life, I would wish for the ability to also see the red distances between Figma objects WHILE I’m dragging them around. Yes, I know about the trick of selecting an object, hovering over to the other object and hitting Option and having the distance between pop up. That trick doesn’t solve the problem of us users being able to drag-n-drop objects next to each other at a desired exact measurement the FIRst time. If I want square #2 to be 364 pixels away from square #1, while I’m dragging square #2, I want to see the red numbers getting closer and closer to 364 and drop it down when it hits that number, not
guessing & checking,
guessing & checking,
guessing & checking.

Okay, you get it. Sorry for beating a dead horse. Sometimes I get responses that show me the person who read my question has no clue what I’m talking about, OR thinks I’m talking about something else.

I have a fantasy of dragging square #2 and simultaneously holding down “D” (for “distance”) and having that cute little red number grace me with its presence.

Tell me I don’t have to continue fantasizing or use up my only wish. Tell me there’s already an existing trick.


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Adobe XD is very good regarding measuring/distance/snapping. Figma would be the perfect tool with same functionality.

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I can’t believe this doesn’t have more votes. I use the this all the time in Sketch and XD!

What they do is show the distance away, only when the dragged object is aligned (horizontally or vertically) to the nearest object. So not all the time so it’s not “noisy” and no need for modifier keys.

Be great if Figma added this. It already displays guides to show when something is aligned hor/vert, so just show a number for distance away on one of the lines.

Maybe something like this:


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I have the same Problem and it kills me :frowning:

The only solution that partly satisfies me is this:

You can also adjust the nudge amount for keep jumps aligned with your spacing system, for example: 1px without shift key and 8px with shift key, has been very helpful to me. (menu > preferences > nudge amount)

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