Show the font size by default for text styles

It’s really annoying to see a text style, like ‘H1’ or ‘H5 - bold’ with absolutely no context into the font size. I want to know what the font size is without having to click into the style menu or inspector. Even if it were just added in parentheses after the style name like ‘H1 (48)’ or ‘H1 (48px)’. Then, I don’t have to keep clicking in to see what font size I’m using.


Hey @John_Jackson2 ,
Thank you for your feedback! Do not also forget to vote up your idea so we can estimate the overall interest in the Community.


that seems a really useful feature. Since the font size is already displayed inside the list of styles and inside the style menu, why have a different view for the same entity — when the style is applied?


I have the same problem, our text styles are named like Header 1 / Subheader 2, etc. Every time I need to check a font size (while doing a resign review for example), I have to click inside the text style’s selector, it’s really annoying :frowning:
So many extra clicks to do…


Really good idea!

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Yes please, I’m always annoyed by the fact that you have to look inside the Style dropdown…

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