Show/hide UI not working anymore on MacBook Pro

Hey !

Show/Hide UI shortcut doesn’t seem to work anymore in Mac. It has changed from Command + \ to Command + . and i can’t use it in Mac anymore.
This shortcut is so useful during workshops presentation. I really need it back :smiley:

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On Mac I use Command + \ (backslash) and it seems to work for me. Maybe you have caps lock on or have remapped your shortcuts in System Preferences?

I do not have this shortcut anymore… It was working perfectly before. Now Command + \ seems to hide / show multiple cursors.

Capture d’écran 2022-07-05 à 15.58.21

Hmm, yeah you may have found a bug … I also have Show/Hide UI as Command-. on a control-click, but in my case BOTH Command-. and Command-\ work for me to show/hide the UI. Which probably isn’t right either. Anyone else on Mac want to give it a try? I’m on Monterrey 12.4

⌘. to show or hide UI works for me. I’m on iMac Monterey 12.1

I’m on Mac Monterey 12.4 and last version of Figma.
For me Command-. show me this message on the bottom of my screen “Multiplayer cursors visible/hidden”. And Command-\ do nothing. (But it was working before last Figma update).

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Same for me… The shortcut Command + . does’nt work anymore :frowning:
I tried with Command + \ but still doesn’t work, it only switches “Multiplayer cursors”

I’ve the same issue. I agree with @Audrey_Haag it’s so useful while we’re on workshop. Is there any news about this bug?