Shortcut @ `show ui` doesn't work on external keyboard LAYOUT FR [mac]

The @ on external keyboard doesn’t work inside Figma.
It works on internal keyboard.

Layout FR AZERTY mac (tried with 2 external keyboard and @ letter work here for example)
OS ventura 13.4.1

Hi @fabrice_piedanna I tested this from my end but the @ symbol is able to be added to a text layer. Do you have any third party application on your device which might have a shortcut using that key?

Also you noted that you tried with 2 other external keyboards and the @ symbol worked with those external keyboards? You might have a hardware issue with your original keyboard then.

hello @Ryan_52, with the french mac AZERTY layout ‘@’ show and hide the UI, inside a text layer i can type @ without any problem with any keyboard, physical or external, i’ve tried with two logitech keyboard and one magic keyboard (apple).

I don’t have any shortcut on any application, my external keyboard is not remapped, my ‘@’ sign work everywhere with external keyboard excepted with Figma AND for the shortcut ‘Show/Hide UI’ (i can type @ inside a text layer like you)

Two shortcut doesn’t work with the ‘@’ sign on external keyboard only ‘Show/Hide UI’ (@) and ‘Multiplayer Cursors’ (opt + cmd + @), both of them imply the ‘@’ sign.

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