Shortcut for add variant

Is there a shortcut for add variant to a single component? (i.e. starting a multi-variant component from a non-variant component.) I can’t find it. It would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut for this.

‘Add variant’ is available with right-clicking a non-variant component, but this is the context-menu. If it was in the Mac OS menu I could add a custom Mac OS shortcut but it’s not listed there.

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Yeap there is missing an add variant button in the interface.

For me, it was long to think of the right click option.

I vote for a restoration of the add variant cta

There is one, and it’s now in the top toolbar


Yes, the button exists and it’s now appears to only be available in top bar. I would prefer to have it in the Inspect panel as well, as it used to be. I guess there’s been a ton of work put in to the redesign of the Inspect panel with the new release and it was removed.
But it would be very nice to have a keyboard shortcut for this action regardless.

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