Shared pluginData between plugin and widget

I am writing a Plugin that stores metadata on ComponentNodes as pluginData on the node. I have here an internal ID that matches the node to our internal Admin app database.

My goal is to write a Widget that would be able to read this pluginData. I know the process of reading it torugh plugin api, but the pluginData is segmented per pluginId.

In local dev I was thinking to use the same ID for the plugin and the widget. But would I be allowed to publish a plugin and a widget with the same ID?

Is there another pattern to share plugin data between them? (besides sharedPluginData)



This is impossible. Each published plugin and widget has unique IDs.

Send and store data on your server.

ah! and use as join field, correct?

I was so deep into my way of doing it now… (I was storing the server id on pluginData)

And fileKey.

good pint!

Thank you!