Share Project as 'View Only' for free?

MAIN PROBLEM: It is difficult for non-designers outside of a Figma ‘team’ to easily browse all the design files within a project to eg. find something specific.

SOLUTION: Allow users outside of a Figma ‘team’ to have view-only access the project without having to pay for a seat. If they can have view-only access to the files within the project, surely this is beneficial?


  • I’m always providing colleagues (non designer or dev) with different urls for different Figma files.
  • My colleagues are not aware of how many files are in the project
  • My colleagues (non designer or dev) do not realise they can navigate pages within a Figma file (even when signposted) so I regularly have to send URLs of each different page when neccesary. I would happily spread these pages out amongst different Figma files IF they could access a project with view-only permissions.
  • My colleagues can not easily see the time stamp eg. ‘Edited 1 hour ago’

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This would be really useful