Set the project to not receive any published component update

I’m working on a huge project with a lot of people involved in it, we have mainly 3 files:

  • Design System
  • Design file
  • Dev Handover file

Since we are working in Agile, we work in biweekly sprints but very often we need to reiterate on some design, so we constantly work on our Design file to accomodate new features, while Dev Handover file contains pages that should never be updated because are the frozen version of a specific flow delivered to developers.

I was wandering if there was a way to set a project to avoid it to receive updates from published components from other files or at least to avoid Figma update toaster to appear.
I don’t want someone mistakenly could click on “update all” messin with the versions we tried to freeze for developers.

P.s. It is a very huge project with very fast delivery pace so the option to detach everything we deliver to developers is something we prefer not to consider

Hey Angelo, thank you for reaching out! A solution would be here to detach everything? Branching could help separate WIP from a past stable version, but there is no way to prevent someone from accepting component updates.

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