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Set Starting Defaults for Design Fill, Stroke, Effects

Every time I add a new fill it automatically adds a linear gradient #fff. Each time I add a new drop shadow it automatically adds a blur of 4, #000 opacity of 25%, y value 4 etc.

I have to go in each time and change the default values. Ex.) Change the linear gradient to an image or a solid fill. Or change the drop shadow to 0 blur, #000 opacity 50% etc.

It would be very helpful to set these default values to your preferred defaults or even a layer style component. Ex. Effect Styles, Colour Styles, etc.

This would remove a lot of tedious and repetitive editing of default values since the default is now custom to your workflow.

It really pisses me off, I hate figma, but I have to work in it. All these small details are annoying and annoying to work with. Extremely inconvenient tool.

Thanks for sharing your idea. I understand it’s not the same as setting defaults, but it seems like styles might be able to help. If there are elements that only require a single fill, stroke, effect, etc. you could apply one of your preferred styles and then break it to make adjustments.
I do this with images quite often.

Again I know this isn’t quite the same as setting defaults for each property but wanted to share in case it’s helpful. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Josh that is a good workaround that I do use often. Hopefully one day we will have the ability to set the default starting properties. Cheers!

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Definitely frustrating, specifically that fill defaults to linear-gradient.

For an extremely common and simple task (add a fill), it currently requires 6 clicks:

  • click on the plus button (“Add fill”)
  • click on linear-gradient to get rid of it (every single time, frustrating)
  • click on the drop down (every single time, frustrating)
  • find solid in the dropdown, click on it (every single time, frustrating)
  • click to choose color
  • click outside the box to close it

For such a common occurrence as adding a fill, I’d love to see:

  • click on the plus button (“Add fill”)
  • color picker opens automatically, click to choose color
  • click outside the box to close it

For context, I love Figma. I did a search to try to find how to change this and stumbled upon this 2018 post addressing this exact problem:

I’d love to see it addressed!

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Should it use default or just the last value used? The latter seems more useful & dynamic. I.e the next element you apply a gradient/shadow to is using the last custom (not from a style) settings you applied. At a certain point, you are going to want to bring these settings into a style for consistency and ease, but when experimenting it could greatly speed things up.