Set multiple boolean variables at once via an interaction

At the moment my interactions look like this:
Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 08.53.18

Is there a way to combine them all in one action, so “Set Variable 1 and Variable 2 and Variable 3 to false” ?

When working with multiple variables in a single screen, I frequently need to reset its values to “default” with one tap, it would be great if instead of set its values line by line, they could be set within the same line, for example:

Set input_1, input_2, input_3, …input_N
to “default”

(actual way)
image 1

Yeah, I asked that yesterday but no responses. Currently working on a very complex prototype and the interactions panel leaves a lot to be desired.

Hey @Daniel_Cullinan, thanks for reaching out!

There is currently no way to combine them all into one action at this time. This is just how it was built, so there’s no way to chain right now.

I’ve passed your feedback onto the team, and I’ve changed your topic into a feature request for future consideration.

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