Set Default Canvas Background Color

My company works in dark theme. Every time I create a new Canvas I have to change the background color which can become annoying.

You can do it on Sketch quite easily.

  1. Select Canvas, modify. Then go to Object >> Set Canvas Style as default.

Hey @James_McLain1,

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass this along to the team for consideration.

For clarification though, the default background color of the canvas is determined by your current theme, so if you’re using dark mode, it should default to an off-black color #1E1E1E. When creating a new page in an existing file, the background will be the same as the current page. More info here:

I would LOVE this feature. I have to change my canvas and section backgrounds every. single. time. and while it’s only a few clicks, it’s a few clicks I really wish I didn’t have to do.


What happened to the default light background?

While in light mode, newly created files default to a light-gray background color #F5F5F5.

As designers can change the nudge amount for the whole file, we should be able to choose which BG color will be displayed as a default color for new pages.


Please! I use dark mode but keep annoying my colleagues with the dark backgrounds. Would love to change the default background to light while still using Dark mode.


It’s interesting that when the background is dark themed that the default text color is also dark. That means I have to change either the text color or background color every single time if I’m annotating a design - which is what I do often.

Katie, if I’m understanding you correctly, that shouldn’t be. My text defaults to white when my Figma preferences are set to Dark Mode.

@dvaliao , white is technically correct for what it should default as but the problem is Dark Theme only requires a shade of white with low opacity to convey layer stacking.

That’s so true, a feature like that will be amazing

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