Selecting images in variable order assigning them a number

Hello! I’m looking for a solution for a prototype.
I would like to simulate the photo selection feature that Instagram currently has when publishing a carousel. That is: select multiple images in the order I want and be able to assign a number to each one. The assigned number represents the order in which I select them.

So far, I’ve managed to save the total number of selected photos in a numeric variable, but I can’t get the photos to have their own numbers. They all end up with the total number.

How could I do that? Thank you very much!

@Malena I was trying out different approaches, but ended up assigning a number variable to each photo and then setting that number variable to a photo-counter variable that increases or decreases depending on the photo being clicked.

It got a bit crazy, but I hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction.

View Prototype
Get the File

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Hi Nate! Thank you very much for the great effort you put in this answer, this is exactly what I needed and I will try to apply this to my prototype! The file is wonderful.
You should definitely post this things as tutorials on YouTube!
Thanks again!

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