Select your country dropdown list

what is the easiest/best way to create a dropdown list that allows you to pick your country from a list of ALL countries.

Hi there, maybe this file helps.

There are 195 countries on planet earth at the moment so you can strike the word easiest from your requirements immediately. :slight_smile:

Why do you want to do this? I’m asking because making this in figma would be an excruciating exercise in pointlessness while coding an actual working dropdown is very easy. I wouldn’t want to see you spend a lot of time on this only to find out it can’t actually be used for anything.

haha fair enough. I think a more simplified way of asking my question would be is there a way to create a scrollbar that doesnt jump around to preset points. I want to drag a scrollbar through a list and have it stop scrolling when i let go. Hopefully that makes sense