Select all of same object in component variants - missing

There used to be a way to click a button when an object inside a variant is select all objects of same kind across all variants of a component. This is now missing.

Example, I used to be able to click on this icon in this variant, and then click Figma button (missing now) to select all the icons in all the variants to make a global change. This is now missing, meaning if I have 20 variants, I need to go hunt and pick across them all to make a single change. This sucks. Please fix.


Yes! Where did that go?! Thought I was going crazy. Please fix!


I think they merged it with the new multi-edit.

Are you kidding me? Did they remove it? That was extremely useful :triumph: :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

we had removed the button entirely, but brought it back in the top bar;


We had removed it from the canvas as often times people clicked it accidentally. We might bring it back into the canvas in some other form in the future, but that’s TBD.

— Niko


It was superhelpful- This new way is absolutely not the same. bring it back!!! Pleeeeease