Section default color randomly changed to dark gray and can't change back

Hey Figma-- I am having trouble with the section colors. For some reason in one of my files the section colors just started defaulting to a dark gray color (#404040). I tried doing “Figma icon > edit > set default property” to change it to something else, but it won’t work. Also tried the classic quit and reopen. Any ideas why this is happening? It’s super annoying to have to change it over and over again.

@Kendall_Van_Horne Oh weird! is it just one single file? If you duplicate the file, does the section still default and not respect the color you’ve set?

This may be due to the default color not being set correctly. Try checking the color settings in other files to make sure the problem is not with the application itself. It is also worth paying attention to Figma updates, perhaps the problem has been resolved in newer versions.