Search variants in assets list

Good morning !

Given that we can put keywords in a description for each variant, is it possible to display the variants directly in the asset list, in relation to the words entered and present in the description?

Because currently if we enter a description in each variant of a component, when we type a search with words present in a description of a variant, it only displays the main component directly and not the direct variant.

Thx you !

Good morning @Aurelien_Sesmat, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on displaying variants in the Asset panel! I completely understand how beneficial it would be to have the related variants visible directly in the Asset panel.

I truly believe that your idea could greatly benefit other members of the community as well. Currently, we have to select the component in the asset panel and adjust the properties in the Details modal to view the other variants in the component set.

We are excited to hear the reaction from other community members. Feel free to upvote this idea!