Scroll Position Resets Unless I use '/' in Frame Name

This is an issue in prototyping:

Even if the ‘Reset Scroll Position’ box is unchecked (i.e., not selected), the prototype will still reset the scroll position unless all the frames involved have a ‘/’ (Forward Slash) in their Title.

The position of this ‘/’ can be anywhere in the Frame Title, but without it it the prototype does not adhere to the scroll position retention.

IMO, this is a Bug rather than an intended use case and should be fixed.

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Hi Luv!
Thanks for your feedback. We’ll pass it along to our product team for consideration.

For visibility, this is intended. We made a change on May 24, 2023, to preserve scrolling between top-level frames, the top-level frame names have to be identical or have a matching prefix (for example, frames Checkout / Empty and Checkout / Complete match).
You can find more information in our help center article here:

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@Celine_Figma I have read the help article and – unless I’m missing something – followed the naming conventions… but my prototype still resets the scroll position when clicking a link in a nested frame.

Here’s a screenshot of my frames and prototype pathing:

And here’s a link to the prototype.

What am I doing wrong?